Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My shoe collection... well some of it. a girl can never have too many shoes! i really want to get a custom made shoe closet in my room but let's see what dad says about that.. ha! 
Dolce Vita tweed pumps I picked up while I was in Chicago. love them! took me a while to break them in but now they're one of my favorite!
 My mom actually bought these for me while she was shopping at Dillards one day. They were having this insane sale on shoes and my mom called me so excited and told me that she picked up 3 pairs for me. I wasn't so excited because I didn't know what to expect. All she said was "they're really high. you'll like them". I sure did! They're one of my favorite pairs to wear to an interview/ business attire. 
Most comfortable pair I own. I got these while i was in D.C earlier last year from Zara. My fav for spring/summer...mainly because they're easy to dance in ;) 
for when i feel like dressing up. Steve Madden
 to be honest, i dont even remember where i got these from but they're one of my favs. Hurt like hell the first time i wore them, they probably still do. but its all good. i love the leather detail on the back! 
 Black patent leather Manolos... step on these, you die.
This is the fabric i chose for my ready-to-wear construction class. The taupe fabric in the back is organic cotton. going to use it for the jacket and the printed fabric is for the skirt. excited to see how it turns out!
this was another option for New years but didn't wear this either haha. when am i going to wear this little black dress? no idea. still good to have one in my closet. (front)
(back) love the mesh detail in the back!
Forever 21


Haute Muslimah said...

A. I wish I was your neighbor/best friend.
B. So I could borrow your shoes :)
They're lovely, you've got great style, and that dress? It's soo cute!

JoeyAna said...

cute dress


4incheshigh said...

thank you! i love this dress too.. now all i need is somewhere to wear it.. haha


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