Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've been looking for a long skirt with a slit but haven't found one yet so i decided to cut a slit in my own skirt myself 
top, skirt, & belt: Forever21
clutch: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Jessica Simpson

hot pink pants

I got these hot pink pants while i was in New York earlier this year and i've worn it out a couple of times but i'm still trying to put it together with the perfect blazer. haven't found it yet but here's what i came up with
blazer: Urban Outfitters
tank & clutch: Forever 21
pants: some random store in NYC
shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Street Style

Miroslava Duma. love everything about her and her outfit! 
Yellow pants are on my "to buy" list
Olivia Palermo and her boyfriend always look like perfection. How do they do it?!
what a badass leather jacket
Olivia.. again.
alksdjf;lskdjfds SO in love with this outfit! Need. it. now.
Loving the pleated skirt look
(via s.s.s)