Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9, 1983

Today would have been my parents 28th wedding anniversary. It's amazing how time flies and changes. After listening to my dad talk about my mother and the way she was sounds like a true love story. I hope that one day my husband will talk about me the same way. They were inseparable. Every time me and my dad talk about my mother he always says "Your mother was a wonderful person. Pius, noble, and caring for others." I'm so thankful to have parents like them as role models. My mom would always tell me that every daughter ends up like her mother, "You'll end up like me one day too, just watch". I would laugh. But she is so right. I've picked up on so many of her mannerisms. anyway, I could go on and on. Here are some of my favorite pictures of them. 
 From their nikkah. haha, what a typical bride.
 absolutely stunning.
this was from my cousin Omar & Ilse's wedding. She looked like a princess that day. I still remember.


Michelle Yue said...

Michelle, your mom was an amazing person. I still remember her and she was so kind to me. I am grateful that I got the chance to grow up next to your entire family :)

these photographs are so beautiful

4incheshigh said...

thank you :)

i remember she took you as her own daughter as well.

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