Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shazia Kazi
1. How would you define your style?
plain jane everyday white v neck tee with jeans, at work business professional with a little bit of a twist, going out usually skirts with tights with a cute top and heels!

2. When did your interest in fashion begin?

when i started with mac that is when i turned into a girl it inspires me to be myself with a little bit of a edge, i definitely think if i go anywhere i will think of what i will put on my face rather than picking out what i will wear.

3. Favorite designers? brands? and favorite stores to shop at? Where are the best deals?
Alexander McQueen,Gucci,Marc Jacobs
i like to shop at saks fifth ave, metropark, forever 21, urban outfitters

4. Who are your top five fashion icons?

michelle naik (hahha oh Shazia!)
lady gaga
blake lively
carrie from sex and the city

5. Any style tips that you could give someone with the same body type as you?

be yourself and always express how you feel with what you wear on your body and your face :)

6. Just for fun.. if you had your own clothing line, what would you name it?



omar said...

ur line should be Clothing by Shazia Kazi

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