Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more from style philosphy interviews!

Saba Ishaq
1. How would you define your style?
Well, honestly I really dont know how to answer this question only because I usually dont conform myself to specific style. I absolutely love playing around with different looks and trying to see if I can pull them off.

2. When did your interest in fashion begin?
haha my interest in fashion began when my MOM stopped making my wear little frilly dresses. Being the youngest, I always looked at what my older siblings are wearing and I would get the kid version of the clothes they would wear. But now, its completely opposite. I'm their walking closet and they usually wear what I wear now!

3. Favorite designers? brands? and favorite stores to shop at? Where are the best deals?
What ever designer that I do like, is based off of quality and uniqueness of thier designs and NOT becuase of their "label" , Marc Jacob, Micheal Kors, BCBG, Lucky Brand ( jeans are super soft and comfy!). Firstly in apparel my favorites would be ( also my favorite places to shop), ZARA, rubbish, DUO, juicy couture, Arden B., Nordstrom, Mint, urban outfitters, armani exchange, delias, Victoria Secret (online catalog) , ETC!
For shoes: I love love chinese laundry shoes (but sometimes they get a little too funky), carlos santanas, steve madden (they have light weight heels that you can wear all night!) Micheal Kors makes one of the MOST comfy-est shoes ever! and of course Aldo.

where are the best deals: I think i find myself ALOT at ZARA and Nordstrom ( BP section and downstairs shoe section are my secret places to shop!) they have something for everyone and always up to date with their trends.

4. Who are your top five fashion icons?
Coco Chanel. I feel like she intertwined fashion into her own philosophies.

5. Any style tips that you could give someone with the same body type as you?
ummm, wear what ever you want , what ever size.. its NOT what you wear its HOW you wear it! work it mama!

6. Just for fun.. if you had your own clothing line, what would you name it?


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