Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pakistani Fashion: Asifa & Nabeel

I've gotten numerous messages about where I get my desi outfits from so I figured I should shed some light on my amazingly talented aunt & uncle, Asifa & Nabeel. Whenever people ask me where I get my outfits from, I tell them that my aunt & uncle are designers- and I kid you not almost every time I say that, the response I get is "Oh my aunt is a designer too!"...*eye roll* Literally everyone has become a "designer" these days. 

Here's a brief history on Asifa & Nabeel from Fashion Central:
The label Asifa & Nabeel is a creative consequence of ingenious efforts made by the duo Asifa & Nabeel, who over the last 13 years have not only established a name in the fashion trade but also successfully spread their network to three cities, showcasing exquisite creations for the fashion savvy and style conscious.

What really sets Asifa & Nabeel prĂȘt, couture and bridal lines apart from the rest of the fashion merchandise on offer is their incredible execution of cuts and the harmony between intrinsic motifs, numerous hues, tints and shades used to accentuate the female silhouette and express her sublime charms.

You can check out their latest runway collection here

I decided to shoot my absolute FAVORITE Asifa & Nabeel outfit that I have countlessly repeated at so many events. Every time I wear it I feel like a princess. 

BIG thanks to Shazia Kazi for doing my makeup & hair in such a short period of time and Zahra Tiwana for taking the photos! 


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