Monday, September 26, 2011

fall inspiration

Since Fall isn't close to starting in Texas, i'm still stuck in summer fashion. so over it! i attempted to wear my combat boots today...that was a major fail. once it hit 103 degrees outside i couldn't take it! Not sure why stores are pulling out sweaters and coats because it still feels like July outside. In the mean time, i'll just use these pics as my fall wardrobe inspiration:

(via: becauseimaddicted&s.s.s)


Hira said...
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Hira said...

Love the Isabel Marant Renells.... someone has to come out with a cheaper pair, something even remotely close! Those jeans are amazing. I like your knowledge of fashion.. I lived in Houston and Sugar Land my whole life before NYC... and Houston needs this street style approach. Stockholm Streetstyle and Geri Hirsch FTW!

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