Monday, June 6, 2011

men's formal wear

I've promised quite a few friends of mine that I would blog more about men's fashion this summer, so here you go! I've decided to subscribe to GQ as well so i can stay up to date with what's in and what's out. 
 It's wedding season and that means we all have to attend countless number of events and more than half of the time have no idea what to wear. Women tend to forget that men also have to get dressed for special occasions as well and never have time to help them out when they are clueless about what to wear. I hope these tips can help everyone out :)

A trend that I'm loving these days is bow ties & handkerchiefs! You can never go wrong with the classic look at a wedding. Don't forget to try out cuff links as well. Cuff links always complete the polished look.

 *you can also wear a suit without a tie. it's not a sin to go without one. 
If there's any guy who knows how to wear suits well, its Chuck from Gossip Girl.
Here's a preview of H&M's fall look book
 (via modeman&junebug)


Himmad said...

We cant really show up to a wedding though wearing a bowtie, unless its family/close friend.

4incheshigh said...

who said you can't?

Ena said...

i've seen it done, looks good! you know who else wears suits really well, michelle? matt bomer on white collar. like seriously, way better than chuck.

Anonymous said...

Love the h&m look book and the handkerchief, makes it look super clean! :)

scarlet reynolds said...

That guy from the Gossip Girl TV series is a hottie. He's smart and looks good in any suit that he wears.

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